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The Pink Envelope

A baby, 2 graduations, 3 birthdays, and more!

SVG Cuts launched a new kit day before yesterday. It's called the Summer Box Cards SVG Kit. I haven't had the opportunity to buy it yet, but I sure want too! Cards usually aren't my thing. For me, I'd rather make something that's more along the lines of a gift than just a card. Now I understand in theory a handmade card is more than just a card, but they just never seem to quite reach that "card that's more of a gift than a card" feel I'm looking for. That being said these box cards come real close! They are great! 
Even better, they are FREE for a limited time with a minimum purchase of $9.98 so hurry up and go get it!

All project are made using SVG Cuts files, unless otherwise noted.

A baby...
I had mentioned in my last post that I wished that I knew someone who was going to have a baby so I would have a reason to make something out of the Tiny Miracle SVG Kit. It just so happens that the next day I had a reason! Yay me!

Two graduations.... My ol…