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Saturday, March 22, 2014

SVG Cuts New Kit Launch!

I'm a lil late coming to the party, but I wanted to share this with those who don't know, that SVG Cuts added a new kit this week!

The whole kit is off the hook, but that 3D bunny is just too much!

Bunny Hop SVG Kit

I have been trying to finish my nieces Easter present, but I'm thinking I'll finish it for my Mom instead, because my niece would be so in love with this bunny!

It's free with a minimum purchase of $9.98 for a limited time so hurry up and get it!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Paper Boutique

It has been a crazy couple of weeks! Holy cow! It's felt good to get motivated with this pseudo-spring thing we've got goin on here, but it's totally made me feel like I've done nothing but sit on my can all winter. It's made me realize that I did have more time on my hands and it's kinda bittersweet. With the warmer weather I'm going to have to be less crafty. Which is a bummer. The cool thing is I LOVE warm weather and being outside and active is good!

So. A couple of weeks ago SVG Cuts launched a new kit. It's the Dress Shop SVG kit and I adore it! Well, I adore everything SVG Cuts does, but this one is a kit after my own heart.

My first love is sewing. I think sewing is one of the coolest mediums one can pursue if you like to create. Paper crafting comes pretty close, but if I had to pick one thing that sets sewing apart from can't wear paper (as far as I know). That being said, electronic cutting machines make it hard to not want to paper craft.

While I didn't use the Sewing Card in this project I do have a plan for it. There is also a Hat Box and a Birthday Sign Card in the kit, that I didn't make, but again, I'll save those for a later project. In fact I've got an idea that involves part of the Birthday Sign Card and the plaque wall decor from the Sew Crafty SVG kit. Hmmm.....

I normally don't venture too far from SVG Cuts files. However, I had a couple of these files from a few other sites that I had been sitting on for awhile and when I saw the Dress Form and the Lipstick Box in this kit, I just had to put it all together. It was a fairly ambitious project, especially considering I haven't had a lot of time lately, but I'm glad I did it.

This is the Lipstick Box, Dress Form from the Dress Shop SVG kit and Satchel from Luxury Handbags SVG Kit. The small flowers come Dress Shop kit and the large and medium flowers are the 3D Lisianthus by Jamie Cripps that I downloaded from the Silhouette Online Store. I used the Sugar Chic stack by Heidi Swapp
My Dress Form leans a lil bit, which it shouldn't do. I added the wire and a wooden knob that I painted black, to the top to make it look like a jewelry holder. I'm not gonna get into detail how I did it, because if (when) I do it again, I'm going to do it differently. That's also why I didn't take a closer picture of it. I'm happy with it, but it lacks a few things. Namely strength. 
Lipstick Box. I would like to do one that looks like the tube of red lipstick that my Grandma had sitting on her dresser when I was a kid sometime. 
Satchel from Luxury Handbag SVG Kit.
The next series of pictures are pieces I made using files from other sites. Let me be clear since I make a big deal out of SVG Cuts. These files from other sites are not bad quality! They were all worth purchasing and I will likely continue to do so in the future. Do I prefer SVG Cuts? Yes. There's little things in their design that (I think) help create a better finished product. The PDFs that come with the SVG Cut kits are more detailed. Also, while this isn't #1 priority to me, (it's a nice resource) they're assembly tutorials are the best I've seen so far. As far as any of this goes, my opinion is based strictly on the file, assembly and finished product without embellishment. I strongly encourage everyone to make their own opinion!

Not counting the flowers, that I mentioned above, two out of these three pieces are technically from the same site. I'll explain better in the caption of each picture below.
This Hat Box (yep it opens!) is from Day At The Races from SVG Attic. It's a 5 piece kit.  This is the first time I've made anything from this site. There was a couple of things I didn't like about the assembly of it, but in the end I was happy so it's all good. Will I make more from this site? Most likely. 
This the 3D Stiletto from Snapdragon Snippets. I downloaded this from the Silhouette Online Store. However,  the designer of this file just so happens to have purchased the SVG Attic site (mentioned above) and it's files in February of this year. 
Inside view.
Back view.
The Nail Polish Box is from My Scrap Chick. the file also comes with 3 different sized lids, which I thought was pretty cool.
Then all of the pieces together. Honestly what took the longest was making the flowers. They were easy to do overall (Jamie Cripps is awesome fore designing easy), there were just a lot of them!

I can't be the only one who starts a project with a half formed idea in mind, and then starts cutting out all sorts of stuff, then decide you aren't gonna use it! Am I? 

St. Patrick's Day is on Monday, but if your feeling ambitious or have some time on your hands (not too much cause it's really easy) check out this the Gold Coin Inn Leprechaun Trap by SVG Cuts. It's 100% free. No purchase necessary! You can also go to Martha Stewart's website and get a template for hand cutting.
Gold Coin Inn Leprechaun Trap 
So there it is folks! I still need to finish my niece's Easter present and I got a DSLR camera for an early birthday present, so I want to get to know that Object o' Loveliness a lil better too.

Also don't forget to check out these SALES on these sites!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Sale! Sale! Sale!

I hope to get the time to update my blog with my latest project tonight, but in the meantime check out the sale SVG Cuts is having!

They only have sales a couple of times a year so don't miss it!
SVG Cuts Spring Sale 2014

SVG Attic is also having a Spring Sale!
SVG Attic Spring Break Sale 2014
Last, but not least...

Silhouette is having a sale as well!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Kit Launch!

SVG Cuts Launched a new kit today! As usual it's brilliant....

 Dress Shop SVG Kit
Dress Shop SVG Kit
I thought I would get a head start on my nieces Easter present, but when this came out today, I had a total squirrel moment! I have got to make this, and it will be all mine! I usually give away what I make, but I'm thinkin I have to at least make the first one for me. I have a couple of other files from a few other sites I've been wanting to check out, so this is perfect! I just love SVG Cuts though...So my nieces gift will have to wait until I'm done with this. 

Also, Jamie Cripps from Bits of Paper has launched some new 3D flowers this week in the Silhouette Online Store. I had planned on building a project around a few of her new flowers and this is perfect! They're pretty cool. I'm a die hard SVG Cuts girl, but I can't help it, I just love how new and "fresh" these are!
Jamie Cripps 3D Flowers
Time to get to work! :)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tea time

The weather has been interesting this last week for sure. We had a snow storm last weekend. Then we had a beautiful sunny day. Then it got nasty again. It was bad enough on Friday that the schools and the mall closed! Schools very rarely close here and it's gotta be really bad for retail stores on a Friday to close early. Yikes! All of this would be fine and dandy, but I spent 3 hours on Tuesday shoveling snow and then Wednesday morning, I slipped off the running board getting in to our truck. I hit my head, bruised up one side of my body and some how managed to sprain my left arm. Ugh. I'm done, I quit, I'm over it!

Alrighty, moving on...I'm up and mobile and I felt good enough to finish my project, so all is well.

A couple of weeks ago I made the Victorian Teapot from the Honeybee Tea SVG kit from SVG Cuts. What a fun file, with soo many possibilities! I was curious if i could do a little tweaking and turn the pot into a sugar bowl and creamer. Well wouldn't ya know, it was actually really easy! 

I was going for the classic china look, so I did everything in white.  I wanted the accent color to be in a lighter blue, maybe more of a cobalt blue, but I didn't have anything like that on hand, so navy blue it was. I also thought about inking the rim of all the pieces in blue, like real china, but I was too nervous that I would ruin all of the beautiful white! The flower on the front of all the pieces is called Danish Flower by Samantha Walker. I downloaded this from the Silhouette Online Store. I made them so big, but my cutting mat is dying so I needed them to cut clean. The doily under the pot is Doily #1 from Doilies SVG kit from SVG Cuts
Like I was saying, turning the teapot into sugar and creamer containers was really easy. I shrank both by 50%.  For the sugar bowl, I ungrouped the pot1.svg file (has a 2 on bottom tab) and pot_panels1.svg file. Then I deleted the piece out of each file that had the hole for the spout. After that, I ungrouped pot2.svg and pot_panels2.svg and duplicated the pieces with the holes in them. The piece with the #6 on the bottom tab and the panel with holes replaced the pieces I deleted. I made sure to cut out 2 sets of handles and panels and just attached them with itty bitty white brads. I put a half moon cut in the lid piece and panel for the spoon. The creamer was even easier. I just replaced the deleted spout pieces with plain ones, left it with one handle and I didn't cut a lid for it. 
My plan was to just stop at those three pieces but I decide to make the tea cups ad well when I got the spoon from the  Tea For You and Me SVG kit. Then I added the  scalloped tea bag but A Little Hut from the Silhouette Online Store. The lemons are the Citrus Wedge file by Sarah Bailey also from the Silhouette Online Store.
Now on to my next project. I'm thinking something that has a major summer feel to it. Heat and sunshine would be fabulous!

* I was just told by one of the Lovely Ladies on SVG Cuts Facebook page that the flower I chose, the "Blue Fluted" flower, is a Royal flower in Denmark.  I knew that it was Danish (other than the name), because I had seen it on a tea service at one time. Which is why I chose it. I did not know however, it was Royal. The name Royal refers to the name of the company that manufactures this china and that it was originally made for the royal family. I should have done my research!