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The Pink Envelope

Spring Fever!

At the beginning of January I was ready to pack my bags and either join the circus (provided they were someplace warm) or pack my bags and head for a tropical island. The holidays with my family were great, but I was to the point if I had to look at another poinsettia for at least another 10 months I was gonna scream! Not to mention it was cold outside. Really cold. Although as I type this, it is 15 below without the windchill. Yeah...


About that time SVG Cuts released a new kit. I mean seriously people, I'm always blown away by Mary and Leo's talent, but this was spectacular! I gotta be honest, Mary's design are so brilliant and look so well done I'm afraid if I do it, I won't do it justice. Of course I do it anyway, cause that's the point right? Well, that and I'm a craft junkie. Now usually I keep an eye on Facebook, because Mary and Leo are pretty good about giving us a sneak peek of items out of the kit. I didn't have a chance to on this one though. It was pretty late, but I knew it was gonna be out so I went to the SVG Cuts site and there it was! My brain didn't register anything else in the kit. My eyes went straight to the gazebo. The Winter Gazebo kit is exactly what the name implies. It's winter themed. In the kit there's two boxes, a card, the gazebo (of course) and a really groovy 3D ice skate. There's snowflake elements, icicles, and a sled element. It has winter written all over it! Except when I saw the gazebo, that's not what I saw. At all. I saw Spring. I saw flowers, vines, and insects.

I think I've mentioned before how versatile these kits are. This one is no different. I just love it! I knew I would be able to do whatever my lil heart desired with it.  I encourage you to take a moment (or two, or shop around for that matter, they have really great stuff!) and look at how the Winter Gazebo kit was designed and displayed on SVG Cuts website so you can see, not only how cool it is, but the difference between theirs and mine. Also all of the elements on this project were from SVG Cuts, with the exception of two things and I'll point those out below. 

So without further ado...
I really couldn't get past the idea of a white gazebo with a black roof. Something to note is the whole gazebo is designed to sit on a box. However Mary was smart enough to design it so you can just do the base. I however, wanted another step, so I still cut the lid for the box, but I cut another top, and glued it onto the bottom. Make sense? Good. I also wanted it to be open as apposed to closing it off with vellum. The vellum would have added a tiny but more stability to the frame, so to make up for that I cut another set of panels and glued them in to the inside. This made for an unreal amount of paper being used, but it was worth it!
The one thing I'm gonna talk about in this photo (mainly because I show more detail in the pics below) is the grass on the base. This is from the My Happy Garden Hideaway SVG kit. I inked the edges and layered them 3x all the way around. 
This pic is a biggie. I have never really put as much detail in another project as I did this one. It was a little daunting in the end for sure. Really overall cutting out and putting the gazebo together was a breeze. I then cut out all the lil pieces and had them in nice neat piles on my workspace. I say workspace, but I really mean my dining table. I just think workspace sounds prettier. Anyway, when I started I thought "this won't be so bad". Right... The eyelet lace trim under the edge of the roof is from Robins Return SVG kit. The trellis behind all those cute flowers is from Moonlight Garden Party SVG kit. I actually bought that kit just for the trellis. I couldn't help it. I had to have a trellis on my project! Yes, yes, out of control, I know. Now that I have the kit and I've taken the time to really look at all of the groovy things that are in it, I'm really happy I have it. I offset the trellis file so I could get 2 layers of it. All of those cute lil flowers are from the Chamomile Friendship Cards SVG kit. They are from the Picket Fence Card file. The vines I attached the flowers to are from Cheryl's Cute Bug SVG kit. The butterfly is from the High Skies SVG kit. You can put vellum where I have the gold but I really wanted to have mine stand out. I wanted to add some insects and I certainly have a few files that have them, but by this point I really needed to reclaim my workspace (aka dining table) so I bought the ladybugs and bees (see below). 
I really love flowers. I mean really love them. Nothing says sunshine to me like flowers do. I think what I was really craving with this project was the flowers. I made almost every flower in the 3D Flowers Part 1 SVG kit times five and I actually only ended up using this begonia. It's a good thing my Mom is crafty, cause I had no idea what I was gonna do with all of them! The little bee is one I bought with the ladybugs. Both are Jolee's Boutique Dimensional Stickers, I picked up at Jo-Ann's. Down there in the right hand corner is a moth. A vellum moth. :) Call me crazy, but it makes me so happy! They are also a breeze to put together! They are from the Chamomile Friendship Cards SVG kit. 
This is the back of the gazebo. I used some white fabric trim I had for the "swag" around the gazebo. It's one of the few things that I look at and wish I'd done differently. You're supposed to be able to take the roof off, but I figured since I wasn't closing everything up with vellum I would just glue the top in place. 

As I said this was a big project. In fact when it was done, I asked my Honey what he thought and he said "It looks great Babe. Where are you going to put it?" Yep. That's the story of my life. I make things and have no where to put them. It makes my kinda sad actually. I have to keep telling myself however, I won't become the Crazy Craft Lady and have this stuff ALL over my house, so I become really popular with my friends and family about that time, because they always end up with my creations.


  1. Oh what a sweet story! I love your Gazebo with all your details and pretty flowers. You did a fabulous job!


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