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Monday, February 24, 2014

Table Lamp

I'm pretty sure I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but I am so SICK of snow. I know Mother Nature is supposed to know what she's doing and all, but seriously! I guess we'll have a mild fire season this summer here in Montana...I say this however, in a sad attempt to look at the bright side of shoveling snow everyday and icy roads. Yet, I will shovel snow off our back porch in my house slippers. Right.

I've been wanting to make the table lamp from the Maison de Madeline SVG kit from SVG Cuts ever since I got it. In fact, it is the reason I bought the kit to begin with. I've been putting it off, because while I have all of theses ideas as to what I wanted to do with it, none of them really made me happy so I've waited. Then the Honeybee Tea SVG kit came out last week! I made the tea pot right away, of course, but that honeybee had been floating around my brain since I saw it. So cute. I really dig the laurels on the front of the card too. 

It's kind of hard to tell in the picture, but I made the table lamp 150% bigger than the original file size. It's pretty big. The original size should be 8.5" tall finished, but I wanted bigger so I could use the laurels without reducing their size. It's now 14.5" tall. I'm sure the laurels are fairly easy shapes to cut at any size, but I liked them they way they were. I made the honey bee a tad bit bigger, however. Now that's definitely a shape that can get a lil tricky. In fact, the reason the honeybee and laurels are done in suede paper is because I had a heck of a time getting it to cut with anything else. I have a new blade in my machine, but my mat has seen better days. It's got a little life left in it so I couldn't justify buying a new one to cut a couple of bees. 
I now have 6 honeybees with tattered wings in my stash. I can't bring myself to throw them in the garbage. I haven't decided if that makes me thrifty or a hoarder. I say thrifty, but I may be a lil biased. Or I'm in denial. Either way, I'm cool with it. 
There's actually more to say about what I didn't add (see photo below) to this project than what I did. 
I had this idea that I was going to put all of these flowers on it. I really love how they turned out too. It's just that after I got them all done and starting to try to figure out how I wanted them on there, it just wasn't clicking for me. So I will add these to my stash along with the honeybees. Oh, but I did try two new files that weren't from SVG Cuts! The poppy is from the Silhouette Online Store. The jury is still out for me on this one. I'm not entirely unhappy with it, but I wanted something with a lil bit more texture I guess. I'm looking for a poppy that will stand out like the other flowers do. The peony is from the Lush Flowers SVG Collection from Fleurette Bloom. All of the other flowers are from SVG Cuts. The darker pink flowers are from Mom's Garden Gifts out of the Gift Box file. The pink and white and purple and white flowers are from Memory Garden Designer Page in the Blossoms Page file. The roses are from the Crush On You Boxes SVG kit, and the solid light pink and light purple are from Love Always in the extra folder.
I had gotten the idea to check out Fleurette Bloom's files after seeing some of them on Chan's Crafty Things blog. Her blog is worth checking out BTW, she's a pretty talented girl! I thought the files she used looked pretty cool and I wanted to try a something different, so I bought that Lush Flowers Collection to start with. I thought the price was pretty reasonable. It was $5.99 for the collection and it came with 8 cutting files and a PDF. 

In the end I decided to just leave it basic. I added purple rhinestones to the laurels and lil purple bows and called it a day.  My family keeps telling me that the honeybee looks like a fly because it's done in black, but whatever. In my world it looks like a honeybee!
 I do want to add one more thing about the Maison de Madeline SVG kit. My mother-in-law loves roosters, so at Christmas when I was making gifts, I knew I wanted to make her something rooster related. I wanted to make her something that would last forever, so I made her this picture. 

I reduced the files a tiny bit to get them to fit in the frame. Then, I simply took the rooster card from the kit and cut off half with my cutting tool on my Silhouette and then cut out all the pieces like usual. I assembled everything using pop dots to add dimension, over a sheet of burlap and then put them in a 8"x10" shadow box frame. Easy! The tag says HOME SWEET HOME. I ended up making her two of them. They mirror each other, otherwise they are identical.

SVG cuts launched a new kit day before yesterday! It's called Good Day at the Office. As usual it's off the hook! Typewriter made out of paper? Yeah, thats rock n' roll... Before I make anything out of that though, I have an idea, that I have to get out of my head! It involves another teapot, but it's all good, cause a girl can never have too many of those!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I'm A Little Tea Pot...

Last week SVG Cuts launched a new kit. It is so lovely. Just like the Winter Gazebo kit, it's a breath of fresh air. I can't help it, I look at it and I sigh. The new kit is called Honeybee Tea. I could really see using this for so many different occasions. I totally just had a vision of a Christmas Tea Pot pop into my head! Which is ludicrous because we just had Christmas and I've been saying (whining) how over it I am.
Here it is! I've had this paper stack forever so I thought it was time I used it. The cover got torn off it and used for painting, so I don't remember the name of it. 
The roses are from Crush On You Boxes SVG kit. I thought a couple of brown roses would be cool. I didn't really have a particular "look" I was going for, I was just going with whatever made me happy. Brown roses make me happy apparently!
These lil guys are from the High Skies SVG Kit.

I thought I would have a lot to say about this, but as I sit here and type, I realize I really don't. It's just a wonderful project, and it was a treat to make!

Here's to the end of Valentine's Day...

A couple of weeks ago I had posted about the Love Potion bottle I made in red. My girls loved it so much, I really wanted to do another so each could have one. I really like how this turned out!

These two remind me a lot of my girls and they're personalities. My oldest fits this one perfectly and my youngest is definitely like the red one. 

I'm not gonna go through the entire description of this since I did already on the first one, If you like you can go to this post and check it out. They are the same except for the color, font and embellishments. 
Oh and I made the rose bigger! :)
These roses are so lovely. I should probably just keep this file open on my desktop or something, cause I use it a lot!

 I can remember when I was a kid, it was like the best thing ever to make your Valentine box at school. Looking back however, it was kinda lame. I don't know if it's because I'm older or that I have all of these really groovy things at my disposal or maybe both. So when my younger daughter said to me that she was worried her box wouldn't look good, I encouraged her to do her best, but I surprised her with this.

The box and the XOXO is from the For My Valentine SVG kit from SVG Cuts. It such a cool multipurpose box too!
I had a lot of fun making this camellia from 3D Flowers SVG kit. It's definitely not your usual flower color, but  love it with the blue in the paper!
 Ryleigh doesn't like a lot of hoorah on anything, so I was going for simple, but pretty. She was over the moon! The bummer part? The day before Valentine's Day, her teacher told the class they couldn't bring any boxes from home. they had to use the ones they made at school. Man....

The other box I made from the same kit, I made for my oldest daughter's "name twin." She had an idea to make her some Open When letters for her friend for V-Day. She put all of the work into the letters, but she was stumped on how to give them to her. I thought this box would be perfect! Let's give the craft addict another reason to craft! That's a great idea!


Again, this is from the For My Valentine SVG kit at SVG Cuts. The begonia is from 3D Flowers SVG Kit.

I could totally display the begonia all over my house. It's such a wonderful 3D flower. I think the only reason I don't is I would eventually have to dust them. Paper and dust? Probably not a good idea.

Guitar Box & Love Bus

So it's the day after V-Day and I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. I sure did. It was pretty basic, but I'm totally cool with that. I got from flowers from him and he got a hockey game. Romantic right?  Seriously though, it was nice.

I  also really enjoyed seeing what everyone had done for their crafty Valentine projects. Lots of creativity floating around out there! I didn't get to do as much as I would have liked to, but that's ok. There's always next year! Besides I think it's definitely time to move on to another holiday and also just because projects. Those are my favorites anyway!

This is a box I made for my Honey for V-Day. He loves to play, and he's REALLY hard to shop for. What do you get the guy who can get himself whatever he wants? Right. You make him a box! The box is from the Vintage Valentine SVG kit at SVG Cuts. It seemed a daunting task when I started it. There's some tricky curves for sure, but it was pretty easy actually. The letters are just a standard font from my Silhouette program. The design behind our initials is from the Romantic Flourish SVG kit. I needed something kind of edgy, but I also wanted to have the whole love thing going for it.  He liked it! 

What do you do when you've got two ideas in your head, and you really like both versions, but you can't decide which one to do? You make both! Well I do anyway. 

I was browsing through SVG Cuts Facebook page checking out what everyone had made for the Day O' Love and I felt inspired to do something different. I had made a couple of things that others had made as well (I'll do a separate post on those), but I was coming to the end of my need to create Valentine flavored anything so I thought I'd look for something out of the norm. Ha! I really have no idea what normal is!

I have been eyeballing this kit ever since I got it a couple of months ago. It's the Surf Shack SVG kit. I love the summer feel it has, but that's never really what I wanted to do with it. I thought Valentine themed would be pretty rockin. It's different! However, I couldn't decide which stack to use.  I had two stacks. One was by Recollections (I can't find a link for it) that I picked up at Michaels. And the other I had ordered from Amazon. It's by We R Memory Keepers (same one I used for my Love Train) and it's called Crazy For You. I could see blue and cream and pink and purple in my head. I loved the idea of both. So I did both.

It goes without saying, this is the blue Love Bus. I used the Recollections stack for all the printed panels. 
And obviously this is the purple Love Bus. I used the Crazy For You stack. 
The LOVE LETTERS element on the sides of the busses are from SVG Cuts (big surprise right?) It's a freebie too! I don't remember what kit I got the hearts from. Maybe Romantic Flourishes (see guitar box)? 
The ROSE element is also a freebie from SVG Cuts. Love freebies!
It's kinda hard to see, but the license plates on the back say LVBUS1 and LVBUS2.

 I kept them pretty simple. I don't want to do too much with them partly because I was making two of them and also because they didn't need a whole lot I thought.

I have no idea what I'm gonna do with Bus 1 and Bus 2, but it's ok.

I wonder what my Honey would say if I told him I think we need a bigger house for all my crafty creations....?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Spring Fever!

At the beginning of January I was ready to pack my bags and either join the circus (provided they were someplace warm) or pack my bags and head for a tropical island. The holidays with my family were great, but I was to the point if I had to look at another poinsettia for at least another 10 months I was gonna scream! Not to mention it was cold outside. Really cold. Although as I type this, it is 15 below without the windchill. Yeah...


About that time SVG Cuts released a new kit. I mean seriously people, I'm always blown away by Mary and Leo's talent, but this was spectacular! I gotta be honest, Mary's design are so brilliant and look so well done I'm afraid if I do it, I won't do it justice. Of course I do it anyway, cause that's the point right? Well, that and I'm a craft junkie. Now usually I keep an eye on Facebook, because Mary and Leo are pretty good about giving us a sneak peek of items out of the kit. I didn't have a chance to on this one though. It was pretty late, but I knew it was gonna be out so I went to the SVG Cuts site and there it was! My brain didn't register anything else in the kit. My eyes went straight to the gazebo. The Winter Gazebo kit is exactly what the name implies. It's winter themed. In the kit there's two boxes, a card, the gazebo (of course) and a really groovy 3D ice skate. There's snowflake elements, icicles, and a sled element. It has winter written all over it! Except when I saw the gazebo, that's not what I saw. At all. I saw Spring. I saw flowers, vines, and insects.

I think I've mentioned before how versatile these kits are. This one is no different. I just love it! I knew I would be able to do whatever my lil heart desired with it.  I encourage you to take a moment (or two, or shop around for that matter, they have really great stuff!) and look at how the Winter Gazebo kit was designed and displayed on SVG Cuts website so you can see, not only how cool it is, but the difference between theirs and mine. Also all of the elements on this project were from SVG Cuts, with the exception of two things and I'll point those out below. 

So without further ado...
I really couldn't get past the idea of a white gazebo with a black roof. Something to note is the whole gazebo is designed to sit on a box. However Mary was smart enough to design it so you can just do the base. I however, wanted another step, so I still cut the lid for the box, but I cut another top, and glued it onto the bottom. Make sense? Good. I also wanted it to be open as apposed to closing it off with vellum. The vellum would have added a tiny but more stability to the frame, so to make up for that I cut another set of panels and glued them in to the inside. This made for an unreal amount of paper being used, but it was worth it!
The one thing I'm gonna talk about in this photo (mainly because I show more detail in the pics below) is the grass on the base. This is from the My Happy Garden Hideaway SVG kit. I inked the edges and layered them 3x all the way around. 
This pic is a biggie. I have never really put as much detail in another project as I did this one. It was a little daunting in the end for sure. Really overall cutting out and putting the gazebo together was a breeze. I then cut out all the lil pieces and had them in nice neat piles on my workspace. I say workspace, but I really mean my dining table. I just think workspace sounds prettier. Anyway, when I started I thought "this won't be so bad". Right... The eyelet lace trim under the edge of the roof is from Robins Return SVG kit. The trellis behind all those cute flowers is from Moonlight Garden Party SVG kit. I actually bought that kit just for the trellis. I couldn't help it. I had to have a trellis on my project! Yes, yes, out of control, I know. Now that I have the kit and I've taken the time to really look at all of the groovy things that are in it, I'm really happy I have it. I offset the trellis file so I could get 2 layers of it. All of those cute lil flowers are from the Chamomile Friendship Cards SVG kit. They are from the Picket Fence Card file. The vines I attached the flowers to are from Cheryl's Cute Bug SVG kit. The butterfly is from the High Skies SVG kit. You can put vellum where I have the gold but I really wanted to have mine stand out. I wanted to add some insects and I certainly have a few files that have them, but by this point I really needed to reclaim my workspace (aka dining table) so I bought the ladybugs and bees (see below). 
I really love flowers. I mean really love them. Nothing says sunshine to me like flowers do. I think what I was really craving with this project was the flowers. I made almost every flower in the 3D Flowers Part 1 SVG kit times five and I actually only ended up using this begonia. It's a good thing my Mom is crafty, cause I had no idea what I was gonna do with all of them! The little bee is one I bought with the ladybugs. Both are Jolee's Boutique Dimensional Stickers, I picked up at Jo-Ann's. Down there in the right hand corner is a moth. A vellum moth. :) Call me crazy, but it makes me so happy! They are also a breeze to put together! They are from the Chamomile Friendship Cards SVG kit. 
This is the back of the gazebo. I used some white fabric trim I had for the "swag" around the gazebo. It's one of the few things that I look at and wish I'd done differently. You're supposed to be able to take the roof off, but I figured since I wasn't closing everything up with vellum I would just glue the top in place. 

As I said this was a big project. In fact when it was done, I asked my Honey what he thought and he said "It looks great Babe. Where are you going to put it?" Yep. That's the story of my life. I make things and have no where to put them. It makes my kinda sad actually. I have to keep telling myself however, I won't become the Crazy Craft Lady and have this stuff ALL over my house, so I become really popular with my friends and family about that time, because they always end up with my creations.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Birthday Girl

I wanted to make something for my youngest daughter, Ryleigh for her birthday on the 11th of February. I had made a bouquet of 16 roses for my oldest daughter, Natasha when she turned 16 in December. It was interesting to me how excited Ry got when she saw what I was doing for her sister.  I say interesting because we're talking about a kid that NEVER gets excited about ANYTHING crafty. Usually when I make something and ask her what she thinks, she usually just smiles and says "yeah that's nice Mom" and goes on her way. You should see her reaction when I get excited about new paper or fabric! She generally looks at me like I'm completely crazy! This was different though. Not only did she get really excited about it, but she was openly giving me input on what she thought I should do. Who are you and what have you done with Ry?

OK so now I finally get to see her get excited about something crafty. Great! Now what can I do for her? Ummm.... It was easy for her sister. Something pink. Something girly. Easy. Ryleigh though? Her favorite color is blue and she likes zombies. Blue zombies? Ugh.

So off to Jo-Ann's I went with no real idea in my mind as what I was gonna do. The easy part was as I approached the paper section, the first thing I saw was the Blue Citrus Stack by DCWV. I knew she would love the blues in this stack! So I brought it home and showed it to her and I was right, she loved the colors, but then asked me of I could make something from Alice Madness Returns with it. Uhhh....nooo... I made her a deal (since I already spent the money on the stack), I would make something inspired by AMR if I could also make her something from the stack even if it was girly. Deal? Deal.

Before I get started, allow me to have a "squirrel moment". I have a really nice camera, that I, at one point, spent a small fortune on. I also know HOW to use it. I do a good job too. Do I use it? No. I use my phone. And then, I'm always bummed how my pictures turn out. Hellooo? Ha! Then I post them on the world wide web for everyone to see! Again, hellooo?

Anyway. Moving on.

I wanted to do something for her that was along the same lines as the roses for her sister. Ryleigh however doesn't like roses, and I had just bought this kit so I decided to do and "R" for her. This is from the 3D Letters SVG kit from SVG Cuts. It definitely took a little patience and perseverance, but the trick is to take your time and use a good glue. I used Zip Dry by the way. It's my "go to" glue if I'm working on something that I may need time to move things around, but will also set up fairly fast. 
I knew she had said one time that the Gerber Daisy from 3D Flowers Part II from SVG Cuts was her favorite and I thought the yellow would be cool with the paper she chose from the stack. I couldn't stop there however! Oh no, I had to put bling on the petals and the letter! I inked the edges of the petal with a Tsukineko Momento Dew Drop Ink Pad in Dandelion that. Then I applied Martha Stewart Glitter Paint in Sugar Cube. Both the ink pad and the paint I got from Jo-Ann's The charm I got from Wal-Mart (?) awhile back and the rhinestones I've had for a gazillion years and couldn't tell you where I got them from.

So endeth my creativity using the beautiful Blue Citrus Stack for Ryleigh.

It's not that she's all dark and Goth. She's not. My kids are VERY aware of the difference between fantasy and reality. She just likes very "strong" characters of any kind. And the funny thing is, she has the sweetest soul EVER! She can't stand people being mean. Fairness and kindness are her top priority. In fact there are kids at her school, I personally would tell them to stuff it and she just won't. She refuses. She says it wouldn't be nice of her, even if it's mean of them. Anyway, I digress. She's just not a girly girl. She dresses up when she has to. And occasionally she'll even ask to wear a skirt. However, she's the girl that if you got her a really cool pair of "rocker" boots (and I have) she's like "those are the bomb, but do I have to act like a girl in them?" 

So that brings us to Alice Madness Returns inspired birthday gifts...

Alice wears several dresses throughout the game. Each dress is inspired by what ever world she is battling at the time. Ryleigh said her favorite is Alice's Royal Dress from the Queen of Hearts. Soo... The bag is from the B Is For Birthday SVG kit from SVG Cuts. I then took the checker pattern from the Birthday Bag from the Ice Cream Birthday SVG kit. On all of her dresses in the game she has a skull on top of the bow that ties at the back so I took the Skull from Catacomb Manor SVG kit and the bow from North Pole Express in the Package file. The panel behind Ry's name is from the Love Always SVG kit.  The hearts are from SVG Cuts as well, I just can't remember which. I have all of the SVG Cuts Valentine themed kits so it's any ones guess.
The card was easy because I already had the bag done. The card is from Catacomb Manor like the Skull on the bag and the bow is from North Pole Express, like the bag. I put 3D glue dots behind the gold panel and the card base. I no longer have the packaging for them so I don't know what brand they are. 
Because the card was 3D, I needed a box rather than an envelope to put it in.  I know that SVG Cuts had loads of boxes that probably would have worked for what I needed, but I happened to download this one from the Silhouette Online Store a couple of days prior to making this, so I decided to use this instead. It's the A2 Lori Whitlock Card & Envelope Box. Again I don't remember where I got the background from. I inked (is that a word?) the edges of the box and background with a VersaMagic Dew Drop Pigment Inkpad in Midnight Black and a Brilliance Dew Drop Inkpad in Galaxy Gold. 
This is the card and the box together. This box actually has quite a bit of room in it. There's quite a bit of dimension with the card and it fits in the box perfectly with room to spare. I can think of a lot of different uses for it. 
All 3 together. See that blurry looking card? One word. Cannon.
I really dig this. I like dark and edgy anyway. I mean there's a reason my blog is named (Not So) Suze Homemaker. Mostly though, I like that it's unconventional. The really cool part is she'll be more excited about the card, box and bag than she will be with her actual presents. I am just fine with that. :)