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Friday, January 31, 2014

The weather outside is frightful...

Just when we thought we weren't going to see anymore snow (or very little) the rest of this winter, it started to snow and snow a lot! Sooo needless to say I haven't been out of the house that much. The upside is I've managed to get caught up not only on housework, but I've had extra time to play with my friend, Cameo. I still have the Valentine bug and I loved making this train so much at Christmas, I thought I'd do it again!

This was the Christmas version. This kit is North Pole Express from SVG Cuts. The kit no sooner launched and I had to have it and make it! One thing I really like about these kits is almost everything is functional. I didn't take a pic of it, but the top of the train comes off and it can be used as a box. In fact, I kept the homemade caramel I made in this. I had thought about giving this away, but I came across some vintage buttons (the big red one) that had belonged to my Gram and I decided I couldn't part with it. 
And this is how I did it for Valentine's Day. I'm not the kinda girl that shies away from black. And I hands down, without a doubt, LOVE hot pink and black together on just about ANYTHING.  I do have a love/hate relationship with this paper however. It's from We R Memory Keepers that I ordered from Amazon. I really dig the colors (hot pink and black!). I liked the price (19.99) and I liked how much came with it (over 75 pieces, including the paper). All that being said it's kinda funky. It doesn't take ink well. It gets soggier than more quality paper which is a bummer. I also didn't like the tags it came with. They're cute, but huge! They're not terribly versatile. I'll probably buy one their kits again though because it's still a pretty cool product.
Of course the train is from the North Pole Express kit. Now that my friend Cameo and I have gotten to know each other better, I thought I'd go for a lil more detail than I did on the Christmas train. I won't mention that since Christmas I've added about 40 more SVG Cuts kits to my Arsenal O' Fun. The XOXO on the side is from the For My Valentine kit. I just realized as I'm posting this that I totally put the arms on the wheels on wrong! Here I was thinking I was so cool and I didn't need to watch the assembly tutorial again. Sheesh! Whatever.
The LOVE caption is also from the For My Valentine kit from (yep, you guessed it) SVG Cuts . The little black hearts were actually a part of the flourish detail I put on the wheels (see below).
The detail I added to the train wheels are from Romantic Flourishes from SVG Cuts.  I can't not look at the arms...yikes!
Finally, I wanted a flower on it, cause it's VDay themed and all, so I put a rose from Crush On You Boxes from SVG Cuts. Why not black? :)

 I should take a moment and say I have a subscription with my Cameo. I pay $19.99 a month for $150.00 worth of downloads. I really like it. It's a great (like super great) deal and there's lots and lots of really cool stuff to be used! I'm starting to wonder why though. I didn't realize how much I've been using my SVG Cut kits until I started this. I should probably look into this...


It goes without saying the best thing about the SVG Cuts kits are they are so stinkin groovy! I would say the next best thing is they are incredibly versatile! Just by looking at this lil bottle you'd never know it's a part of a Halloween themed kit. I know I didn't reinvent the wheel on this one. I've seen this done with this before, but I wanted to do my take on it anyway.

As I said the bottle is from Toil and Trouble same with the label and banner at SVG Cuts.  The heart tag is from Hug and Kisses
I got some new Martha Stewart glitter paint this week and I really wanted to use them so I added the roses from the Crush On You Boxes kit. These roses are so easy to make. I could think of a million things I could use them on (and I probably will, cause I'm a flower junkie like that).
I think this is one of those projects that I may do again. Maybe lighter colors? Different flowers? No flowers? Or maybe I'm just looking for an excuse to get closer acquainted with my friend Cameo? Ha!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sweet Lil Valentine Box

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. It seems like it was just Christmas! I think it's been nice to switch gears after a major holiday like Christmas though. So my first Valentine project for the year was this box. I wanted to make something quick and bright. Well, my idea of bright anyway.
 The box is the Small Box from the Love Me Do SVG Kit from SVG Cuts

And the Begonia is from the 3D Flowers SVG Kit from SVG Cuts.

This is the first time that I've made the box, but I've made the begonia before. It's probably my most favorite flower out of all of the kits on this website. 

I inked the edges of the top and the bottom box and the tip of the flower petals. I also used Martha Stewart Glitter Paint on the tips as well. Which I really dig, by the way! I usually won't buy Martha Stewart products of any kind. As a rule I won't buy anything, for any of my hobbies, unless it's on sale or I have a coupon for it. Most coupons exclude MS products, but any who I happen to come across a pretty decent sale on this line of paint at Michaels so I thought I'd give it a try. It's fabulous! I still won't pay full price (yeah I'm cheap like that), but I'll definitely keep an eye out for sales! Last, but not least, of course I had to add some bling to it. I LOVE bling! 

I also can't say enough how much I love working with these kits! 

At some point I will post all of the past projects I've done using SVG Cuts kits. 

Who knew?

When I got my Silhouette Cameo in September of last year, I got it so I could create and cut more intricate designs for my sewing projects. Sewing is my first love. I had no idea the door of creativity that would open up with this machine! Since I got it, I've used it once to cut the Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark for my daughter's Halloween costume. After that I picked out some paper to make my niece a birthday card and then somewhere along the way I discovered the SVG Cuts website and it was all over from there! Who knew you could make such amazing things out of paper! Paper people!

Two of my favorite things about sewing is the fabric and how tangible the whole thing (whatever it is I happen to be making) is when it's done. There are soo many fabrics out there. So many different colors and textures. The sky is the limit! When you've finished with your creative process and you've completed your project, you then have something tangible. You can see it, touch it, smell it (?), use it, admire it, and be proud of it. I had no idea that it would be the same way in the paper world. I've never been a scrapbooker. I'm horrible (usually) about organizing pictures. But this...I can make pumpkin carriages (more on this later), and trains, and boxes, the list goes on.

I've started this "blog", not so much to share what I make with everyone, but more as a way to document what I've done for my own happiness. Even if I'm not entirely happy with something, I always have a sense of pride and I wanted some place to put it all together. If you should happen to stop by and browse (and I hope you do) that's great! Even if you don't like what I've done I hope that I can at least inspire you to be creative in your own right.